Dohyo Matsuri For July Tokyo Basho – Youtube

Overnight US time, the dohyo for the July Tokyo basho was consecrated in the traditional ceremony conducted in a Kokugikan with no public spectators. it was streamed live on YouTube, I believe for the first time. As is the custom with Youtube videos, the live stream has been preserved for re-watching. I have had the good fortune to see these proceedings myself, and for fans of Japanese culture, it is a fascinating and solemn event.

It is noteworthy that the tate-gyoji performs the role of the shinto priest in the ceremony, but Shikimori Inosuke, the current top gyoji, was absent due to health problems. Kimura Tamajiro donned the robes instead and performed the ceremony. Frankly I love Shikimori Inosuke’s reading of the daily torikumi, and I hope he recovers from whatever has him out, and can return soon.

Sumo returns in just a few hours!

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