Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

Yokozuna Kakuryu as withdrawn from the mock Natsu basho prior to day 13 competition. He had two back to back losses, and 4 losses overall prior to his kyujo noticed received this morning in Tokyo. Cause of injury is listed as muscle strain to lower back, and he is proscribed 2 weeks rest. His day 13 opponent, Hokutofuji, will be awarded a default win, giving him his kachi-koshi.

Although he was able to reach his 8th win before existing the tournament, I am certain that calls for him to consider retirement will once again swell from the sumo press.

We wish Kakuryu a speedy recovery and a strong return in the next tournament.

2 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

  1. That’s four of the last five basho that he’s failed to finish. I think there will be backstage pressure on him to hang on until we can get 2 established ozeki.


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