Video Of Asanoyama’s Promotion Ceremony

Courtesy of the magic that is YouTube, some enterprising soul has encoded and uploaded a segment covering Asanoyama’s promotion ceremony. For your viewing pleasure!

From the always amazing Sumo Forum:

The acceptance phrase of the new ozeki:


Loving sumo and as a rikishi entirely righteous

sumo o ai shi, rikishi to shite, seigi o mattou

Hey, what can I say, did I call it or what? Asanoyama ❤️ Sumo…

[UPDATE] Also this clip below uploaded to Twitter… Note the rikishi pyramid, and the BIG-ASS FISH OF VICTORY!

15 thoughts on “Video Of Asanoyama’s Promotion Ceremony

  1. In the picture of the Great Fish of Victory, a woman is holding a portrait. Does anyone know the who it is (the portrait)? I would guess someone that passed recently of signigicant importance to Asanoyama, a coach or parental figure.

  2. He’s a solid Rikishi and can be counted on for 8 wins or more per Basho, but he needs to improve. his last few days string of losses needs to be better, at least 1 of them should of been a victory. Still, I look forward to seeing him at Ozeki for awhile.

    • The thing is that Asanoyama seems to be still improving. He’s about the same age as Takayasu when he was promoted but there is a big difference: Takayasu had been in the sport for 12 years whereas Asanoyama made his debut only 4 years ago.

      • It’s not like Asanoyama didn’t do any high-level sumo prior to these four years… If anything, the pattern with the collegiate guys is that they start plataeuing earlier than rikishi who turn professional younger, because their physical development at university (and frequently now already in high school) is geared towards getting them to peak condition while they’re still part of the school team. An ozumo coach can afford to build up his rikishi more gradually to have them peak later in their career, commonly around age 27-29.

  3. Let’s go Asanoyama! Hoping he could get some good wins and rise up to the highest rank when his number is called! Btw who is that lady on the left? His mother?


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