Hatsu Basho – Here I Come… (The Tachiai Photo Safari)

As you may have heard on our podcasts, I am headed to Tokyo tomorrow to attend the first week of the Hatsu Basho. If you see me, please feel free to say hello. If you are going to attend and want to meet up, feel free to PM me on Facebook or Twitter.

I will be mostly sitting on the 2nd floor, with a giant telephoto lens. After some readers rightly critical of our use of random images shared on Twitter and Instagram, you may have noticed that for the most part, Kyushu used only images that we had taken with a new decorative overlay. We used what I would call “evergreen” images of non head-to-head battle action, so that they might apply to any tournament.

We though it worked out pretty well, and now I am going to Tokyo to take thousands of images in order to build up a library that will keep our images (as much as possible) legit.

I will be writing the regular preview / highlight posts during the first week, but with added emphasis of actually being there. Onward to Tokyo!

11 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho – Here I Come… (The Tachiai Photo Safari)

  1. Very very jealous!

    In other news: according to Chris Gould’s youtube channel, my beloved Abi has picked up an injury to his right leg and it is now ‘touch and go’ whether he will participate in the tournament.

  2. I’ll be there too, my wife with her epic camera gear. If there’s a way to pass the images along (and you’re interested), let me know.

  3. You are attending a full week of sumo?! Next time, maybe you can find it in your heart to attend only 6 days and send a ticket to one of the luckless fans out there.

    • aren’t tachiai writers already bringing us all this content for free?
      if anything, we might pitch in to fund week two

      all good
      no doubt, any of us would be thrilled to catch a ticket, by whatever means

  4. Bruce,

    Have a WONDERFUL TIME!!!

    I hope to go next year so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope I will have the good fortune to meet up with any of you at Tachiai and fans on the board here!


  5. Color me green with envy. Have fun, Bruce!

    If you would like, I am happy to let you have my images from a day of Kyushu per a “non commercial” Creative Commons license (or other CC license that is convenient to you).


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