Christmas quiz !

We’d like to greet our great readers with a quiz focusing on the 2019 year in makuuchi. I hope everybody will enjoy it and that this thread will remind us some of the best moments in a tormented year 2019.

Good luck to all, and Merry Christmas !

1. How many honbasho have been won by a foreign-born rikishi ?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

2. Nobody won more bouts than Asanoyama in 2019. Who finished runner up ?

a. Abi

b. Hakuho

c. Hokutofuji

d. Mitakeumi

Asanoyama Hideki

3. And many wins have notched all three yokozuna combined ?

a. 72

b. 82

c. 92

d. 102

4. How many shin-makuuchi rikishis (newly promoted wrestlers to the top division) have we seen in 2019 ?

a. Four

b. Six

c. Eight

d. Ten

5. How many rikishi have made their san’yaku debut in 2019 ?

Note : we’re only talking about rikishi who have never, ever been in san’yaku before 2019 !

a. Two

b. Four

c. Six

d. Eight

6. What has been Enho’s record in makuuchi ?

a. 10-5 ; 8-7 ; 5-10 ; 6-9

b. 8-7 ; 7-8 ; 10-5 ; 9-6 ; 8-7

c. 6-9 ; 6-9 ; 12-3 ; 4-11 ; 8-7

d. 7-8 ; 9-6 ; 9-6 ; 8-7

Enho Akira

7. Abi had a fine year 2019. Which of these statements is true ?

a. He made his makuuchi debut in March 2018

b. He managed double digits once in 2019

c. He made his sekiwake debut in 2019

d. He managed six kachi koshi in 2019

Abi Masatora

8. Takakeisho had a mixed year 2019, having to cope with serious injuries. He did so quite impressively, however, going to a playoff in September, where he lost to Mitakeumi. Who was the last rikishi to lose a playoff in makuuchi ?

a. Kakuryu

b. Terunofuji

c. Ichinojo

d. Goeido

Takakeisho Mitsunobu

9. Terutsuyoshi luckily escaped juryo demotion after the Natsu basho 2019. Sumo gods’ lenience paid off as he produced an astonishing 12-3 result in Nagoya, finishing runner up for his third makuuchi appearance. Who did better ?

a. Goeido

b. Hakuho

c. Terunofuji

d. Ichinojo

Terutsuyoshi Shoki

10. How many foreign rikishi have made a makuuchi appearance in 2019 (having fought in at least one bout) ?

a. Ten

b. Twelve

c. Fourteen

d. Sixteen

11. Ishiura usually bounces from juryo to makuuchi, and from makuuchi to juryo. If M symbolizes makuuchi and J symbolizes juryo, how can one represent Ishiura’s year ?

a. J – M – M – J – M – M

b. M – J – J – M – J – M

c.  J – M – J – M – J – M

d. M – M – J – M – J – M

Ishiura Masakatsu

12. What about Chiyomaru ?

a. J – M – J – J – M – M

b. M – M – J – M – J – M

c. M – J – J – J – M – M

d. J – J – M – M – J – M

13. Azumaryu made a makuuchi return during the Aki basho. He last appeared in makuuchi in…

a. 2013

b. 2014

c. 2015

d. 2016

14. Which one of these rikishi have earned two kinboshi in 2019 ?

a. Nishikigi

b. Tomokaze

c. Asanoyama

d. Myogiryu

15. Which one of these wrestlers have produced six make kochi this year ?

a. Tochiozan

b. Kotoshogiku

c. Nishikigi

d. Kagayaki

19 thoughts on “Christmas quiz !

  1. Merry Christmas to all the tachiai team! And thanks Timothee, awesome quizz.. The fact that it focused on 2019 may get me promoted back to maakuchi :-)

  2. Hey Timothee,

    LOVE THE QUIZ – Especially with pictures!

    Where are the answers?



  3. Hmm…there’s one question that I think might be misleading but I won’t comment until I see the replies. Well, I’m quite certain I did better than the first quiz but will see!

    As usual, a lot of fun. Thanks.

  4. Hey to All Readers in USA,
    Tonight at 8:30 pm, NHK has 2019 SUMO REVIEW – check your local station for time -WOOHOO!

  5. 10-5. I should have known Question 14 (2 kinboshi). I actually thought that was a trick question with the correct answer being none (as I was thinking each had one).

  6. Enjoyed the quiz, even though I finished Make Koshi

    For question 4, after searching I counted Yago at Hatsu, for 9 total. Is this wrong?


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