Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From the Aki Basho

Word has come to Tachiai via NHK news (and multiple other sources) that Yokozuna Kakuryu has decided to withdraw from the September tournament in Tokyo. Sadly this leaves us in a “nokazuna” situation, with a greatly depleted Ozeki corps to boot. Earlier in the tournament, Yokozuna Hakuho withdrew with a broken finger, leaving Kakuryu the sole Yokozuna competing.

We assume he was injured day 4 or 5, and gave up 3 consecutive losses, usually a mark of a performance limiting injury. For Team Tachiai, his kyujo was expected. As a result, his day 8 opponent, Tamawashi, picks up his second fushesho / forfeit win of the tournament.

At the moment there is no injury reported, but I would guess it is one of his multiple chronic injuries. We wish him a speedy recovery.

11 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From the Aki Basho

  1. How mean and cynical would it be to suggest that the real reason Yokozuna Kakuryu withdrew is that he just got beat 3 times in a row? I mean, maybe he got injured, but it’s not like there was anything glaringly, visibly wrong during those 3 losses other than some poor decision making against fired-up opponents. And he sure seemed Genki enough on days 1 through 4 ….

    • Well, what I often read here and there in some forums, withdrawing after some losses is rather a typical Hakuho behaviour, but Kakuryu? Or is it true that Yokozuna are supposed to withdraw for not handing out too many kinboshi?

      • I would hope they look at the future and not the past. Is he likely to lose more with the injury and come back stronger next tournament with the rest?

    • It was clear on day 6 that he was not moving well. If Kakuryu is genki his mobility is excellent, and he uses that to disrupt any offense an opponent brings to a match. I suspected he had re-hurt his back on day 4, but the possible MCL injury is much more serious.


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