Aki Banzuke Is Live!

The Japan Sumo Association has published the banzuke for the upcoming Aki basho, starting September 8th, in Tokyo.

Find it at : Banzuke – Aki Basho 2019

Some notable facts:

  • 2 Sekiwake, 2 Komusubi, Hokutofuji hardest hit.
  • Hokutofuji and Aoiyama share Maegashira 1. One of these two will probably bludgeon their way into San’yaku next time.
  • Tomokaze makes it to Maegashira 3, we may get a Kakuryu rematch.
  • Enho levitates to Maegashira 11 – Ishiura back in the top division at Maegashira 15 (Hakuho gets his all-deshi dohyo-iri crew)
  • Juryo scratch-n-dent bin: Yoshikaze down to Juryo 7, Ikioi at Juryo 12, Yago at Juryo 4, Kaisei at Juryo 8. Maybe enough parts there for 1 awesome Ozeki if some surgeon can convince them.
  • Arawashi falls out of the salaried ranks to Makushita 1 – the Makushita joi-jin looks like a mosh pit yet again
  • Hoshoryu at Ms5, Naya at Ms10, Terunofuji at Ms27, Roga at Ms43
  • Wakaichiro at Sandanme 67, adding to the Musashigawa Sandanme log-jam. Amakaze up to Sandanme 27 and ready to eat anything on camera.
  • Hattorizakura anchors the banzuke at Jonokuchi 34e

I am sure lksumo will have his reaction (vs his always thoughtful predictions) later today. The Aki basho is just two weeks away!

10 thoughts on “Aki Banzuke Is Live!

    • Dangers of typing this on a phone while sitting on an airplane. Let it be known that Team Tachiai is hard core….

  1. I find it very depressing to see those names in Juryo. I know this is what happens but I’ve only been watching since Natsu 2017, and seeing these men who I have enjoyed watching fade is just sad.

  2. Looking at this banzuke: Geez, the 4 rikishi at M1 and M2 are pretty darn serious contenders! And all in pretty good form right now. And then there is Tomokaze at M3 and Tamawashi at M4…. Seems like a very strong joi-jin.
    I am thinking that some of the occupants of the sanyaku ranks might be looking a little apprehensively over their shoulders – especially those who are nursing injuries.
    Interesting times!

    • Your points are very good, and where it’s really going to cause problems is in the Ozeki. 1 of them will probably not compete (Takayasu), 2 of them are kadoban, and then Takakeisho needs to beat 10 wins out of this group.

      I honestly think it’s going to come down to the question of if Goeido is genki or not. If he’s burning up the torikumi like he has in prior Septembers, there are going to be problems. I also think that the Maegashira 2 pair of Ichinojo and Asanoyama are going to be getting the doom beaten out of them in week 1. Act 1 is going to be a great time to be a sumo fan this September.

  3. Yago J4, Yoshikaze J7, Kaisei J8 aaaarrgh! Hokkaido cluster at J9 – Kyokutaise/Ichiyamamoto, and Kizakiumi clung on to J13…. exciting times in Juryo

  4. Here’s to another perfect 0-7 record by Hattorizakura. You can do it dude! We live in an amazing time – both the best and worst rikishi of all time are simultaneously active.


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