Ichinojo Withdraws From The Natsu Basho

Late word that Sekiwake Ichinojo has withdrawn from competition in the May tournament. While there is no official word yet, it is being reported that he has injured his right knee. This is a huge disappointment to many, including several friends of Tachiai who are in the Kokugikan today with the goal of seeing Ichinojo fight. Kotoshogiku will pick up the fusen-sho win.

We hope that whatever problem he is facing is minor, and he can return to action soon.

Edit: Minato oyakata explains that Ichinojo had pains in his right knee since before the basho. “It has come to the point that he can’t plant his feet when he fights”. He adds that if the situation improves, the sekiwake may return. (Source: NHK) – Herouth

6 thoughts on “Ichinojo Withdraws From The Natsu Basho

  1. He didn’t seem to be having his usual back problems, but something was clearly wrong. Hope he’s back to his March form soon =-\

  2. Well this felt like a kick in the gut, and kind of a surprise considering he was fighting without his knee taped up today. I’m sorry to see Ichinojo go, he is one of my most favorite rikishi, but at least this knee injury has given me some closure as to where the dominant Ichinojo of March went.

    I’m glad the big guy is taking the R & R he needs, and sincerely hope he doesn’t follow in Mitakeumi and Takakiehso’s footsteps and come back right away.

  3. Given his astounding weight, the cartilage in his knees must be shredding. The body just isn’t built to carry that load.


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