Ozeki Takakeisho To Return Day 8

Courtesy of Sponichi news in Japan – Ozeki Takakeisho expects to return to the basho on day 8, to resume competition. He has stated that after using oxygen therapy on his knee, he feels ready to return to the doyho, prior to the 3 weeks recuperation directed by the doctor.

While it will be exciting to see Takakeisho unleash his trademark wave-action sumo, we hope he is recovered enough to ensure he does not compound any problems to that injured knee.

Good luck, tadpole!

22 thoughts on “Ozeki Takakeisho To Return Day 8

  1. That’s what they get for rewarding an obviously injured Mitakeumi with a san-sho for returning mid-tournament. 🙄

  2. Indeed. Wishing the very best to Takakeisho and hoping he does not aggravate the injury.

  3. I’ve had 6 knee surgeries, I can confidently say that I don’t feel like this is a good idea. Especially when a majority of force in this sport is driven through the legs. I worry about him furthering an injury that “Feels better” but really isn’t healed and it most likely incredibly sensitive.

  4. What would motivate Takakeisho to do this? Is he hoping to pile up enough wins to avoid being kadoban in July? Is he eager to deploy the wave action while hopping on one leg?

    • Presumably either seeking to avoid kadoban or a misguided sense of honor (see also, Ikioi).

  5. What happened to his stablemaster saying he wouldn’t let Takakeisho out there if he didn’t think it was a good idea? Or does the stablemaster actually have zero control over the situation?

  6. So many comments of concerns. But isnt it a fact that every sanyaku rikishi is injured and is fighting with injury. Takakeisho was bound to get injured one day at this level. Thats the way sumo rolls i guess. Completely healthy rikishi is a myth.

    • We’re all hoping not to see Kisenosato 2.0, is all. What happened with Kise went well beyond the usual injuries that plague any give rikishi on any given day.


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