US President Trump To Attend Senshuraku?

This Kabuki-style Trump image was created by atgart, and you can buy copies at Society6

There is a poorly sourced story circulating the Japanese press stating that US President Donald Trump may attend the final day of the May tournament, and join Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to present the Prime Minister’s Cup. Firstly, all of us at Tachiai are careful to stay well clear of politics of any country, as it is a disappointing distraction from sumo. Secondly, I credit Herouth with finding this story.

I would point out that in my estimation, this is someone having a bit of fun with their readers. While it is true that President Trump is scheduled to be in Tokyo during the final weekend of the Natsu basho, his primary purpose is to meet with the new Emperor, discuss bilateral ties with Japan (one of the closest friends of the United States, may it ever be thus), and probably throw a big pile of fish food at some koi. It would be quite unusual for a foreign head of state to attend a day at the Kokugikan, and as far as the US Secret Service is concerned, an unworkable security nightmare.

So for those of you who want to keep political figures out of your sumo, have no fear, I very much doubt this would happen.


Well, maybe I was too skeptical, more information from Herouth’s twitter feed…

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  1. I’d love to see Barron Trump’s reaction to the whole thing. He’s only a few years younger than the youngest rikishi, after all.

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