Video – Terunofuji Day 7 Win

With this win, Terunofuji picks up his 4th win, ensuring he is kachi-koshi for Haru. He also enters the Jonidan yusho bracket, and will compete to determine the champion of the lower division.

Personally, I would almost advise him to hold at 4 wins no matter what. He is clearly in poor physical condition, and might benefit from a slower promotion path. One thing is clear, injuries or not – Terunofuji still is a fierce competitor, and seems to enjoy being back on the dohyo. His fans (and they are legion) are pulling for him every step of the way.

7 thoughts on “Video – Terunofuji Day 7 Win

  1. Thanks for this. It was great to see Terunofuji again. As you say, not in the greatest condition but still a welcome return to competition.

    • He will get into Sandanme with a 6-1 even. A 7-0 would put him at around the same number rank he is now in Jonidan (+100), while 6-1 around is rank is worth about +66 and for 5-2, +38.

  2. His body might not be there, but the brain, knowledge, and experience that got him to Ozeki are all still there in his head. I would dread facing him 😳

  3. He looks like he’s in pain even climbing into the ring, but he’s an adult and I suppose he knows what he’s doing. At least the seven bout schedule is kinder and allows more recovery time. I’ve got very mixed feelings about this Terunofuji situation: I’d love so see him back on form,but I don’t want to see him exiting the sport in a wheelchair.


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