Wakaichiro Wins Day 3

Wakaichiro fought a ragged battle against Miyakogawa early day 3. Wakaichiro surprised (and delighted) his fans when early in the match, he established a yotsu-zumo attack, grabbing his opponent’s mawashi. From there the match featured a wild series of moves, with each rikishi working to gain advantage, but Wakaichiro kept fighting, a won the match.

With this win, he improves to 2-0 to start Hatsu, which is great to see. We think he will next fight day 5 or 6, and we will keep his fans up to day with his progress.

5 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 3

  1. Do the training stables allow the underlings to receive support?
    Could we start something like a gofundme for Wakaichiro and raise a couple of dollars to send to him?

    • Its a sticky subject. It works more or less through the stables themselves. I am keen to discuss this with Mushashigawa at some point if I get the chance – setting up some way for western fans to support the heya.

      • That definitely sounds like the right idea, Bruce. I think “We’d like to support your heya as fans of Wakaichiro” will go over a lot better than “We’d like to support Wakaichiro”.


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