Day 13 Commentary and Leaderboard


A short note on day 13 while we finish cooking our Thanksgiving dinner: First and foremost, I would like to state that I am thankful for the readers of Tachiai. Without you, the site would just be a handful of sumo fans writing content to entertain each other.  The site is all about helping spread the love of sumo to every part of the world that we can reach, and it’s because of readers like yourself that we can. If I could make a wish, it would be that each of you consider trying to spread your enjoyment of sumo to your friends, your family or people you meet at work. It is truly a fascinating and uniquely compelling sport.

With that secure, hell – it’s time to crank into the final weekend of this basho. The schedulers have deviated from the expected order, and seem to be holding Takayasu vs Takakeisho for later (as lksumo has covered in great detail). For myself, I am not quite sure who I am more in favor of taking home the cup. A Takayasu win would be his first yusho, and would possibly set the stage for a Yokozuna campaign. A Takakeisho win would be the second yusho this year for Team Tadpole, and could be cited as another milestone on the long predicted transition into a new era.  We live in great times for sumo fans, and no matter how this tournament ends up, it’s been an amazing ride.

One last note – If you are the kind that enjoys such things, NHK World will have their third and final “Grand Sumo Live” this Saturday night (US time) to cover the final day.

Kyushu Leaderboard

Leader: Takakeisho
Chaser: Takayasu
Hunt Group: Okinoumi, Onosho, Daieisho, Aoiyama

3 Matches Remain

3 thoughts on “Day 13 Commentary and Leaderboard

  1. we live in a great time for sumo fans?
    the over-the-top pretend sumo this basho really shames the beauty and spiritual value of authentic sumo, neh?

    it’s been downhill since the kotoshogiku ‘yusho’
    now we can only hope for a higher standard with more real bouts somewhere down the road

    • I acknowledge your point, but to me these transition eras are a great time to start watching sumo. If you don’t have the past few years in your memories, what you end up with is a building crescendo as the old guard bows out and a new league of champions emerge.

  2. I chatted with someone at Thanksgiving this year who I told about sumo last Thanksgiving and he ended up attending Harumfuji’s intai ceremony. Sharing sumo is so rewarding! Also wuli’s comment is dumb and this is a great basho and I’m looking forward to the future.


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