Kyushu Day 9 Leaderboard

Kokusai Kyushu Venue

Abbreviated preview for day 9, as I am doomed with sickness, not thinking straight, and my co-bloggers have teed up the universe of sumo quite well for today. With my posting mistakes multiplying (thanks for whoever is editing things back to accuracy [You’re welcome! –PinkMawashi]), it’s time to go to bed and try to recover.

The leaderboard is not only double-wide, but is the seldom seen triple-wide bucket of large sweaty guys looking to take home a ton of prizes and a heap of money. How did we get here? See my commentary earlier for an idea.

Kyushu Leaderboard

Leader: Takakeisho
Chasers: Takayasu, Tochiozan, Abi, Daieisho, Aoiyama, Onosho
Hunt Group: Goeido, Mitakeumi, Hokutofuji, Chiyotairyu, Okinoumi, Endo, Meisei

7 Matches Remain

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