Kyushu Day 8 Live

Kyushu Day 8-2 Live

Team tachiai throws caution and sleep in the corner and takes to the blog to cover nakabi, and the NHK World Grand Sumo Live. You may in fact need to refresh this page and this post to see updates.

Click on the “continue reading” link below to read all of the commentary for last night’s session.

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10 thoughts on “Kyushu Day 8 Live

  1. Zero-effort Ichinojo hoping Mitakeumi would have just pushed him all the way back to the changing room. Could have grabbed a quick nap on the way.

  2. Replying to this: Andy – Sun 08:49:12

    Tochinoshin sure has not been able to do his usual sumo.

    Yeah Andy, I think the word is out on how to prevent Toch from getting his grip. all the guys are trying very hard ans successfully to prevent it

    • Yeah, Ryuden was a bit more of a challenge than I’d expected. Tochinoshin got that interesting double-arm bar but it did seem to be awkward. Once Tochinoshin got the mawashi grip, it was over. But he clearly didn’t have his usual force behind it.

  3. Watching Ichinojo lose I thought “he looked like one of those big, padded, slidy things that American Footballers used to practise tackling”. I now know that it’s called a “blocking sled”. Thanks Andy!


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