Bruce’s Undercard Matches Day 4


For myself, it’s a great night (day) for lower ranked sumotori! First up, we have Wakaichiro looking for win #2 against Fujishima-beya’s Fujisato. Fujisato’s highest rank is Sandanme 17, but was kyusho for Aki and is looking to bounce back. This match will be a real challenge for Wakaichiro, but a dose of the fighting spirit we saw on day 1 is likely enough to give him a shot at a huge upset.

Second is Ura, marching on towards a great sumo comeback. On day 4 Ura faces Sakaigawa’s Yutakasho, who has been ranked as high as Makushita 49 before a string of make-koshi lowered him to Sandanme 32. He won’t be a pushover, but then again, this is a scaled-up Ura who seems to be on a mission.

Lastly we have Musashikuni’s first match of the basho, early in Makushita. His opponent is Kise-beya’s Higoarashi, who has been ranked as high as Makushita 2 East. I am going to assume that in spite of a string of injuries, Higoarashi is going to be a tough opponent for the big Hawaiian.

Break out the sake and the rice crackers, fire up the stream from Japan, it’s going to be a great night of sumo!

One thought on “Bruce’s Undercard Matches Day 4

  1. Ura wants to get back into his sakura mawashi ;p I think he’s still wearing the…uhh….dangly part from that? (It’s late, I still have a cold, and I should be asleep and not reading sumo, so I’m not looking up the Japanese name >.<;;;; )


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