55 thoughts on “Grand Sumo Live Open Thread

  1. Takayasu is the opposite of Tochinoshin, beating his opponent in less than 2 seconds by Yorikiri. No kachigage today, he quickly gets a left hand inside grip at the tachiai and drives Miyogiryu out in no time and with barely any resistance. Myogiryu has been slowly climbing back up the ranks over the last couple of tournaments, but this rank might be too high at this age for him. Next up Goeido …

    • Right now the yusho is definitely between Goeido and Takayasu. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days.

  2. Goeido tries to psyhc out Hokutofuji at the tachiai which leads to a funny matta, still Hokutofuji is fine at the try. For some reason Hokutofuji tries to pullk multiple times which ultimately leads to his demise … oshidashi and good work bei Goeido. Now for the final battle of the day … let’s see how genki Kisenosato is.

  3. And Takakeisho wins …Hatakikomi after a lot of slapping that put Takakeisho to the edge, but Kisenosato failed to get a grip. DIssapointed …

  4. The wave action was in full flow there. Takakeisho gets his revenge after an unlucky defeat at Aki. It wasn’t one of those Hatakikomi where the winners just taps the loser on the way down: that was a very meaty-looking slam.

    • I thought the same thing. Great timing. Kise was not even trying to go for the belt and when they went to charge again, a subtle shift, hand to the back and power the Yokozuna to the clay.

      • I was rather surprised that Kisenosato wasn’t pushing forward and allowed Takakeisho to get into a rhythm for his attacks. Kisenosato didn’t control the match pace at all and he was completely reactionary. Disappointing and I’m wondering if his knees or some other part of his legs are injured.

  5. Lots of upset in the final hr. Dun think many were expecting the like of Mitakeumi, Tochinoshin or Kisenosato to lose on their 1st day.

    • Mitakeumi? Definitely not … he should beat Tochiozan even half asleep … but you have to be focused. Tochinoshin? Well, Tamawashi is a dangerous opponent for him. It’s an upset, but not a huge surprise. As for Kise … I hoped he would win, but any aggressive thrusting rikishi who denies him a belt grip is a dangerous opponent for him in his current form, so it’s not that surprising. He will have trouble with Tamawashi as well. Luckily most other rikishi he faces are a better fit for him. He was unlikely to compete for the Yusho before and he still is, but double digits should be possible again.

  6. While it’s not a very spectacular move, I think todays win by Sadanoumi was the first okurihikiotoshi I have ever seen ;)

    • It seemed like a reverse “slippiotoshi”. Because of the pivot and resulting momentum shift at the edge, he slipped backwards instead of forwards. Funny to watch.

      • If you watch the match again, Sadanoumi grabs his opponent’s arm and yanks him forward. That’s what leads to the slippiotoshi and the win.


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