Tachiai Aki Coverage Notes

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A word to all of our readers, whom we deeply appreciate. Through good fortune and good friends, I am on my way to Tokyo to watch days 13/14/15 of Aki. While I am enjoying being in the Kokugikan, you will see a bit of a change up from our regular authors, and our normal posting format. We have several great contributors here at Tachiai, and they will be filling in for any of the basho news slots I might miss. Never fear, all is well (better than well!), and Tachiai will continue to be your source for all of the sumo you can wrap your hands around, each and every day.

5 thoughts on “Tachiai Aki Coverage Notes

  1. thrilled for you Bruce. have a blast! i expect to hear you cheering for Yoshikaze all the way from here!!!!!

  2. Enjoy the basho, it should be pretty exciting! Here’s hoping for a hell of a musubi-no-ichiban on senshuraku.

  3. How on Warth did you score this tickets?!?!? I was in Japan in August and we were ready, phone in hand to book them, but when the tickets went live the site crashed and everything sold out in the first minute while I was refreshing the page!


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