Ura Wins Day 9

In his day 9 match against Kayatoiwa, Ura secured his kachi-koshi, picking up his 4th win. in the video below, Ura uses a straightforward attack and drive strategy to overcome his opponent. We expect Ura to attempt his 5th win on day 11, and possibly fight again on day 13 or 14.


3 thoughts on “Ura Wins Day 9

  1. Really good to hear. of course. Kudos to him for his comeback. Help me understand Ura’s situation. Let’s assume for a moment that he continues to win the bulk of his matches in the next few tournaments. How long before we see him again in the higher ranks? I realize he is fairly well-buried right now. I’m assuming we’re thinking late-2019?

    • He can’t go back to Makushita this basho even if he goes 6-1. Assuming he will win Sandanme 7-0 next basho, he will probably end up in the Ms10-20 range from where he will need two tournaments atleast assuming he drops no matches or maybe 1. You can skip Juryo in 2 basho as well, but that would kinda mean Tochinoshin style. So all things going perfect I think he could be back in Makuuchi for Aki basho next year. Now assuming he is a little smaller than Tochinoshin, we probably talk early 2020. I think Juryo will slow him down a bit.

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