Aki Banzuke Weekend

This summer sumo break has featured some fantastic jungyo coverage from Herouth, as the rikishi have traveled northern Japan. But the day that sumo fans have been anticipating with delight is now just hours away – the publication of the September ranking sheet – the Aki Banzuke!

The team here at Tachiai are as giddy as toddler on Christmas Eve, but with cleaner undergarments. We will bring you the banzuke news as soon as its posted (Sunday afternoon US time), but the podcast may wait until next weekend. The Aki basho begins two weeks from right about now.

4 thoughts on “Aki Banzuke Weekend

  1. It’s a national holiday (we call them “Bank Holidays”) in England tomorrow so I can stay up late tonight and catch the banzuke as soon as it’s published. You can always recognise a British holiday by the dark grey clouds, pouring rain and general gloom.

    • As opposed to ordinary weekdays, which have… dark grey clouds, pouring rain and general gloom?

      • Most definitely: the English weather spirits (Jocky One-Leg, Nanny Greenteeth and Owd Mon Francis) cook up their special brews for Bank Holidays. I am from Lancashire, which is Witch Country and our doom and gloom is darker, doomier, gloomier and wetter than anyone else’s. We gave the world Joy Division and Morrissey fcol.

        Takayasu probably has Lancastrian ancestry. He has the sour look of a Rochdale bus driver who has seen too many rainy days.


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