Grand Sumo Live Blog – Day 14

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Bruce adds – For the full and wonderful coverage of day 14 from Herouth (well worth the read), just click on the “more” link below.


7 thoughts on “Grand Sumo Live Blog – Day 14

  1. That yakiniku looks delicious,but I think I’ll pass on the natto if you don’t mind.

  2. Everyone upwind is required to pass on natto. Gah, I say, and I say it as a major durian fan. (Keep up the great work Herouth!)

  3. So happy for Mitakeumi I may have teared up too. What a basho for him, and glad it was in Nagoya of all places.

  4. Special Prize (Bloggo-sho) to Herouth for this commentary.

    You could see Mitakeumi making a heroic attempt to control his emotions right after the match. When he got to the interview room it all came out. Takayasu probably feels like crying but for different reasons: he looked awful again today.

  5. I went back and watched all 2 hours of the NHK broadcast. With those Stuart and Muaary in the booth, things got so very sedate in the 10 minutes before they started the NHK World stream, it almost seemed like everyone was about to nod off. They need Jason to step in and give them the fan’s perspective…

    Better yet – Jason, John Gunning, and one of the Grand Sumo Breakdown guys.


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