Wakaichiro Returns Day 3

Wakaichiro Nagoya

Wakaichiro faces his second opponent of the Nagoya basho on Tuesday (day 3), Sandanme 92 West Dewaazuma from Dewanoumi Heya. Dewaazuma has been competing in Sandanme for the past several years, and brings a catalog of experience to the dohyo. This will be an excellent test match for Wakaichiro, as we can consider Dewaazuma a Sandanme mainstay. Both men have 1-0 record.

As always, we will bring results as soon as we know them, and video as soon as we can find it.

One thought on “Wakaichiro Returns Day 3

  1. I hope he can stay low at the tachia….. It’s seems anybody wants to protect his head…but seems to be his issue. And I would not like to be in his shoes …nope… Go USA !


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