Wakaichiro Wins Day 1

Wakaichiro nagoya Day 1.jpg

Wakaichiro turned in a commanding performance on day 1 of the Nagoya basho, wining the rematch against Kotosato. in their prior meeting, during Natsu in Tokyo, Kotosato overwhelmed Wakaichiro, and Kotosato opened with the same aggressive sumo. But Wakaichiro is not the same rikishi of 2 months ago, and produced a rather well executed reverse at the tawara. The expression on Kotosato’s face told the story as Wakaichiro drove forward and dumped him to the clay like it was glass pick up day in Sumida, and Kotosato had failed to sort correctly.

With this win, Wakaichiro goes to 1-0 for Nagoya, where he will have 7 matches. As always we hope he will stay healthy, and fight with vigor and skill.

We will bring you video as soon as we can find it online.

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