Ura Practicing, May Compete In Nagoya

Ura Yukata

Former Makuuchi rikishi Ura was spotted practicing today, a week before the start of the Nagoya basho. It is still unknown if he will enter the competition. As fans have noted, he appears to have gained quite a bit of weight since his injury and subsequent surgery. He is currently ranked Sandanme 30 West.

All of his fans (myself included) dearly hope that he does not rush his return, and next mounts the dohyo when his injured knee is sturdy once more, and he is body is ready to compete. If he misses Nagoya, which is quite possible, he will likely be ranked in lower Sandanme for Aki, and there is a small but non-zero chance that we could see Wakaichiro take on Ura in September. Frankly, if that looks possible, my broad Scottish backside is on a plane for Tokyo, no matter what.

12 thoughts on “Ura Practicing, May Compete In Nagoya

  1. fingers crossed he continues his return to full health and a fully functioning knee!

  2. I’m worried about his newly reconstructed knee’s ability to hold up under all that added weight.

      • Exactly my thoughts. I presume the weight is because he hasn’t been working out at top-division levels. He’ll hopefully work off the pounds with the ring rot.

  3. Take your time son! Tochinoshin should be the exemplar for injured wrestlers: wait until your good and ready before you come back. It will be a long road back from the scraggy end of sandanme but Ura has the talent if he can stay healthy.

    When I started watching sumo I sort of assumed that promotion/relegation would work as it does in soccer, with the the champions of a division being automatically promoted and was mightily puzzled when Mitakeumi didn’t appear in makuuchi for September ’15. Of course like most things in sumo it’s not that simple. If Ura can get back up as far as juryo by the end of ’19 it will be a mighty achievement and I look forward to celebrating it.

  4. Wow – first time I’ve seen all that weight gain. It’s interesting as well as one of the comments John Gunning made in our Tachiai interview which still sticks with me is that probably he shouldn’t have put the weight on that he did to begin with!

    • It will be pretty interesting to see if/how he changes his style in the wake of this injury. Might very well be he has to adjust either to possible limitations in case the knee won’t be back to 100% anymore or to minimize the risk of another injury. I have faith in Ura being smart enough to deal with the circumstances though and whenever he’s ready to go, I’ll be watching for sure.


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