Kisenosato Starts Training For Nagoya


On the 26th (Tuesday that is), Kisenosato took up some basic practice routines at the Tagonoura temporary base camp in Nagoya. He only did basic exercises and acted as the dead weight for butsukari. The article mentions that he hopes to start training matches on Wednesday the 27th against lower ranked opponents. Fans everywhere are wondering what Kisenosato’s end-game could be, and how long he will prolong his quite possibly tragic return to the dohyo.

For those of you with some kanji skill, feel free to have a look at the original text.

5 thoughts on “Kisenosato Starts Training For Nagoya

    • It’s definitely not just the picture. This is what muscles look like when they atrophy. :(

  1. Dude needs to retire, unfortunately. I just can’t see how he can pull out a kachi-koshi these days without some majorly questionable shenanigans


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