Wakaichiro Wins Day 12

Wakaichiro Natsu Day 12

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro won his day 12 match against Jonidan 9 Ako in a blazing flurry of offense. The win came at the edge of the dohyo, where Wakaichiro was able to push his opponent to the clay.

With this win, Wakaichiro improves to 4-2, and is now kachi-koshi. The team at Tachiai congratulate Wakaichiro for his winning tournament record, and look forward to his 7th and final match coming soon.

We will post video as soon as we find it online.

4 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 12

  1. Should be enough for a trip back up to Sandanme. The next match will determine where it’s right near the bottom of the division or a little higher up.


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