Ozeki Goeido In A Perilous State

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Long-serving Ozeki Goeido lost in a shocking match against Daieisho in day 8 action, dropping to 3-5. It was notable because while Daieisho is a solid rikishi, he should be no trouble for a man who is clearly capable of dispatching Yokozuna. Instead, the troubled Ozeki found himself stood upright, pushed around and thrust out on the east side of the dohyo. The sumo world is always very tight lipped about injuries to rikishi, especially during a basho, but I am going to assume that Goeido has re-injured his ankle. That injury limits the amount of offensive force he can muster, and the amount of lateral / shifting pressure he can maintain. This makes him weak going forward, and slow to turn or move side to side.

Goeido had his right ankle completely reconstructed with pins and screws last year, and returned to action possibly before the surgery could completely heal. This is, in part, driven by kadoban rules for Ozeki and the 60 day period between honbasho.

With this loss, Goedio now needs to win 5 of the remaining 7 matches. This may be impossible as he must still face Tochinoshin, Hakuho and Kakuryu. A make-koshi for Natsu would mean the Nagoya basho would once again feature both Ozeki kadoban, and facing a risk of demotion.

Before any readers assume too much, we cheer Goeido when he’s fighting well, and scold him when he takes short cuts or seems to just phone it in. In this case, it’s clear he’s not able to generate full offensive power, and we have to assume injury. A healthy Goeido is a terrifying rikishi of nearly pure offense. We wish him well and hope he can find some way to return to health.

3 thoughts on “Ozeki Goeido In A Perilous State

  1. Yeah this isn’t the usual bug in the code. This is a hardware issue. Continued operation may void the warranty.

  2. I don’t take pleasure in anyone struggling, however I’ve never liked or respected Goeido’s sumo. He consistently displays backwards moving, cynical sumo. He’s had a terrible career as an ozeki – an embarrassment, really, with the exception of one stellar, inexplicable basho.

    As an ozeki, Goeido been kadoban six times already. He’s had seven basho where he’s mustered the bare minimum 8 wins. He’s had another six basho where he’s won nine victories. He’s won in double digits a mere three basho. So we must be watching a different Goeido. I see one who is a “terrifying rikishi”, but not for any positive reasons.


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