Terunofuji Withdraws From Natsu


Former Ozeki Terunofuji has withdrawn from the Natsu basho. He was ranked Juryo 8 East, and had yet to win a single match. With this kyujo, he is likely to drop below Juryo, and no longer be a sekitori.

For his fans, this is a very tough day, indeed.  He has been battling a string of health issues first with his knees, then diabetes.  Since the Harumafuji scandal in November of last year, his sumo has suffered greatly, and he has struggled to compete.

We know that within his sick and injured body is the spirit of a great warrior, and we hope that he can find some way to recover his health.

10 thoughts on “Terunofuji Withdraws From Natsu

  1. What a shame. When he was at the top of his game, I didn’t care for him much, but after watching him compete against Kis in those classic bouts last year, I really grew to appreciate his grit and class and power. Now it may be over for him. This sport certainly has its share of tragic stories.

  2. I really hate being right. I had a feeling this was about to happen when I saw Hakuho’s tweets of the Isegahama joint keiko and noticed that Terunofuji was out of half of them. Poor Teru, poor Shunba. If he drops to Makushita, I doubt he will want to keep fighting. But even if he does, he loses his tsukebito. He loses his home. Really tragic, that kid.

  3. What a shame. Perfect physical construction and age to really dominate for years if injuries and health stayed away.

  4. Sorry to hear this, but not a surprise Saw him on Tuesday and he looked very weak, no power at all in his legs. The look on his face as he walked back up the tunnel was one of defeat.


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