Yokozuna Kisenosato Kyujo For Natsu


As Tachiai had speculated, perpetually injured Yokozuna Kisenosato has declared he will not start the May tournament in Tokyo.  This will be the 7th consecutive tournament that he has missed all or part of the 15 day competition. His Oyakata again is sighting continued difficulty recovering from injuries sustained in March 2017 at the Osaka tournament, where he won the yusho in his first outing as Yokozuna.

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10 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kisenosato Kyujo For Natsu

  1. Sad (again) but we saw it coming (again) – can’t begin to imagine how heavy his heart feels at the moment – all he would want to do would to be genki completely and able to compete :-( we know he’s doing the right thing by not making his injury(injuries) worse, but still…. will be a difficult time for him again

    • The big concern I have about him “making it worse” at this point is whether or not his general quality-of-life is affected. He seems to have regular use of that arm for now, but if he took another injury to it…I don’t know =-\

    • I feel so sorry for Kisenosato. He struggled so long to become a Yokozuna and then suffered what looks to be a career-ending injury just as he reached his goal.

  2. I figured that this might be the case, and it pains me. Kisenosato is my absolute favorite, and I was ecstatic when he was finally able to win a basho and got promoted to yokozuna. After being runner up 12 times, never sitting out a tournament, and always putting forward his best. Then he had a great debut at the rank, and got injured but still won. It was so bittersweet to see him win another tournament but now to see that injury be very serious. I don’t know if there is much left of Kisenosato’s career, but I want to be hopeful and cheer him on like the good fan should. I would love to him back on the dohyo even if every basho that wish is becoming less and less true.

  3. I haven’t followed sumo for long enough to know, but is there a standard for timing when announcing retirement? Do they wait until after a basho is over so as not to “overshadow” the basho itself?

    I hope that’s what this is. It’s long past ridiculous how familiar this news has become.

    • In general, rikishi who are not in the basho will work to make no news during the tournament. So if Kisenosato were going intai, it won’t be discussed until some time in June, I would predict.

  4. In the image of Kisenosato above does there appear to be a depression in his left pectoral or is this old news?

    • We have been watching that dimple for a while. I’ve really hoped it would fill out and bulk back up.


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