Ura Spotted In Training


Fan favorite Ura, who is recovering from major knee surgery, has been spotted training in a black mawashi. Posted by Inagawa Oyakata on twitter, it is clear that the space-time defying wizard has started the long slow grind to return to the dohyo.

Hopefully he is in no rush to return, as the surgery he underwent following a series of painful injuries in September 2017 are more or less a “one chance” affair. As former Kaiju Terunofuji learned painfully, rushing your return will end your career.

But it’s clear from the photos that some time, possibly by Kyushu, we will see this amazing force of sumo begin his effort to climb the ranks once more. By then he will be well down in the lowest divisions, and will be a most unfortunate draw for some poor new rikishi. Good luck Ura! We can’t wait to see you back!

9 thoughts on “Ura Spotted In Training

  1. That’s not “one of his fans”. That’s Inagawa Oyakata who posted that Tweet…

    The same one who, in a previous tweet, made it clear that Ura will not be returning to the dohyo before July at the earliest.

    It’s noteworthy that Ura was photographed on the sidelines, not on the dohyo, not engaging with anybody, not doing suri-ashi, not doing shiko, not even stretching. This appearance may simply be a matter of discipline: every rikishi is required to show up at the keiko-ba, especially ones who are not sekitori (for the moment).

    • Thanks for the clarification, I updated the article. I am in no rush to see Ura start his climb back, he must take his time and make sure he is ready.

    • that’s interesting Herouth thanks! that said, just to see him don a black mawashi, and standing on the sidelines is a ‘step’ in his slow march forward so this makes me smile ;-)

  2. This gives me hope that he will make a come back. But, as much as I want to see our dancing rikishi* again, I want him to take his time regaining strength in that knee.

    (* my sister gave him that tag after seeing the episode of Sumopedia where he got his silk mawashi. He was dancing down the full length.)

    • that clip where he dances and twirls at the end of his ‘brand new’ pink mawashi is priceless – i love it too!

  3. Do you think he’s losing weight? In a stable which includes Akiseyama, Gagamaru and Tokushoryu, I bet there isn’t much chanko left by the time the bowl gets to makushita #50.


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