Wakaichiro Final Haru Match: Day 13


With his winning gymnastics on day 12, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro evens his record for the tournament to 3-3. He can still wind up with a kachi-koshi if he can win his closing day match against, Fujitaisei, formerly of Musashigawa. Both come into this match with three wins. The loser gets demoted, and the winner promoted.

As always we will bring you results and video as soon as its available.

5 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Final Haru Match: Day 13

    • Thanks, sumodb had him listed as Musashigawa – Fujishima, and I did not connect the Fujishima part.

  1. Gotta say I love Ishiura’s antics. He’s so dang plucky! Six inches too short and 100 pounds underweight, he is still able to hang around in upper division sumo with a combination of muscles, judo techniques, and dirty tricks. I respect him for his drive and zero fucks attitude.

    • Meant to post this on the day 13 thread, somehow my phone tweaked out and it ended up here. Mea culpa.


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