Tachiai Alexa Skill Now Available In UK, Canada, ​and Australia


To sumo fans that want to enjoy our Alexa news skill, customers that have US, UK, Canadian or Australian accounts can now activate the daily Tachiai news feed. Prior to this new version, it was only showing up for US Amazon accounts. As Amazon allows other regions to use Alexa, we will be adding the skill to those areas as well.

Please note:

  1. Alexa is terrible with Japanese words. If you ever stumble across the RSS feed we are using to power the skill, you may laugh at how we have to spell and break up words to get some close approximation to workable. This is odd because Alexa speaks very good Japanese… If you are in Japan.
  2. The news feed is NOT spoiler free. During the basho, it’s going to be one of the first places we post results, kyujo news and anything else that might happen. So if you want to wait until things show on NHK, you may want to de-activate the Tachiai skill until after the tournament.


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