Onosho Unlikely For Haru


A story today in the Japanese press reports that rising star and member of the tadpole army, Onosho, will most likely not compete in March’s tournament in Osaka. During January’s Hatsu basho in Tokyo, Onosho withdrew from the competition following day 9, reporting an injury to his right knee. Now reports cite that the injury is not healed and that Onosho is only about 50% of his normal strength.

With many years ahead of him in his sumo career, pressing for a full recovery is a wise option. Should he sit out Haru, he will likely be demoted to Juryo for the Natsu tournament in May. Given his strength, power and sheer will to win, he won’t be down there for very long.


5 thoughts on “Onosho Unlikely For Haru

  1. If the reports are accurate the real battle now begins for Onosho between pride and common sense. I hope that someone (maybe the Fairy with Turquoise Hair) is telling him that he has at least a decade as a top guy ahead of him that a few months in juryo will seem like the blinking of an eye when he’s holding up the big cup as an ozeki in 2021.

  2. I LOVE this news. If I sound crazy, hear me out, as I am saying this even though Onosho is one of my absolute favourite rikishi.

    Finally, finally, a young rikishi is being given the chance to HEAL. Think back to last year. Ura’s knee was badly damaged before the tournament in which he destroyed his ACL, potentially ruining his career full of incredible potential. Ura should never have been competing. This is very encouraging rikishi protection from Onomatsu heya.


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