Wakaichiro Loses Final Match

During the morning of Hatsu day 15, Wakaichiro faced his toughest opponent yet, former Sandanme 5 rikishi Kotoseigo. Although he put up a valiant fight, Wakaichiro was pushed out of the ring for a loss. Winning move for Kotoseigo is oshitaoshi.

This brings Wakaichiro’s record for Hatsu to a respectable 5-2, an excellent recovery from the brutal 1-6 record in Kyushu. Some of his other fans across the internet have been trying to speculate if he will return to Sandanme for March, but right now it’s tough to make anything other than a wild guess. Given his first basho in Sandanme, the level of competition there is a clear step higher.

We are certain that whatever the outcome, his fans are rightfully pleased with his progress, and look forward to more sumo by the Texas Sumotori in Osaka.

4 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Loses Final Match

  1. Oof, talk about a hard landing! I hope Wakaichiro is okay! He started out okay, but was obviously overwhelmed. I’m sure he’ll use this experience to learn more and improve!

    • Here’s a different view of the match. Wakaichiro is fine! That guy was kind a “Boss Encounter” for our Level 6 Rikishi with a mawashi of strength +2. He’s got to level up a bit more before he can knock around with that one.

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