Wakaichiro In Action Day 11

Wakaichiro Tachiai

Tachiai’s favorite Jonidan, Wakaichiro, is back on the dohyo during the morning of Hatsu day 11. Today he goes against another 4-1 rikishi, Minezaki’s Izumigawa. Izumigawa has a record quite similar to Wakaichiro, he is a relative newcomer to sumo, and spent one basho in Sandanme before retreating to Jonidan. He is about the same hight as Wakaichiro, but 13 kg lighter.

Evenly matched in this manner, it is likely to be a competitive and interesting bout. As always we will bring you news of the outcome as soon as some kind soul shares it with us via Twitter or YouTube.

9 thoughts on “Wakaichiro In Action Day 11

  1. Go Ichiro! Go Ichiro!
    I will be there, so I can tell you the result straight away, but I’m going to be taking photos today.
    So, when you do get a video and here some crazy woman cheering for him, be safe in the knowledge it is me!

      • You should sneak down into the ringside seats and cheer for him on camera!

        I was telling my SO if we had the money and luck to buy one of the northside boxes, I would totally rig up my ipad to display a different cheering sign in English for every lower level match.


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