Wakaichiro Competes Day 5


Our favorite Jonidan rikishi, Texas’ own sumotori Wakaichiro, has been placed on the torikumi for day 5. Entering this match with a 2-0 record, he faces Jonidan 24 West Tochigidake, from Kasugano heya, who carries a similar 2-0 record. Tochigidake is a 7 year veteran who has been bouncing between Jonidan and Sandanme for the past several years.

This match represents an excellent benchmark on Wakaichiro’s improvement since Kyushu, when his first encounter with the Sandanme ranks resulted in a dismal 1-6 records, and a return to Jonidan.

As always we will bring you news and video of the results as soon as we know them.


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