Hakuho “Wasa Matta?” Update


As strange as yesterday’s “closing ceremonies” were, it looks like everyone is moving to put the whole thing in the past. On Thursday morning, Yokozuna Hakuho and Miyagino Oyakata met with the sumo association judges, were Hakuho was reprimanded for his post-bout behavior.

Later that same day, Hakuho publicly apologized for his actions, and declared the entire incident a misunderstanding on his part. He said, “I did not think the fans wanted to see the final match happen that way, and I was encouaging the Shimpan (judges) to watch a replay and consider. After I left the hanamichi, I realized I had made a mistake, which was inexcusable.”

So, the dai-Yokozuna apologizes, and takes responsibility. Honor is satisfied and sumo resumes.

15 thoughts on “Hakuho “Wasa Matta?” Update

  1. Hmmm…is that all it takes? Act like a fool, disrespecting all of Sumo, then offer a quick apology and all is well? I have to say, Hakuho’s supreme status went down a few notches in my book after that childish temper tantrum…

    • Well, that’s certainly how it goes when you suffer a serious Yokozuna leakage…

      Frankly, I can’t think of an action that is more suitable and still proportional.

      And I’m still annoyed that they make more of this silliness than the man’s dame-oshi.

    • Thankfully yes, when you are Hakuho. We already have all the other Yokozuna in trouble, with no convincing Ozeki or Sekiwake in sight. Punishing Hakuho for one wrong step he takes wouldn´t be fair, or smart, or reasonable. Its Hakuho who is carrying the ship.
      He apologized for the mistake so let´s keep on, hopefully we don´t have any more psycho-dramas.

  2. I became a Hakuhou fan because he would do anything to win. He wasn’t particularly likable perhaps, but he was a force of nature! Every tachia he acted like he had to prove to everybody that he was actually the real deal. An unbelievable chip on his shoulder. He’d henka, play mind games, whatever it took. Something about hat single-minded purpose drew me. So personally, I’m not that upset that he threw a hissy fit after his loss, that’s only fitting. What I am upset about is that he let up halfway through a bout!!! To paraphrase Michael Jordan: you gotta step on their neck!

  3. Sumo is dis-respected by people like Chiyonofuji and Akebono fixing matches than by Hakuho showing a desire to never throw a match and fight till the better end. Hakuho is right – the fans want to see a fair match. Earlier that day, we saw the gyoji stop a good start by Tochinoshin against Ikioi with a bizarre matta call. That disrespects sumo fans more than what Hakuho did.

  4. One thing to note: the head of the shimpan department is Isegahama oyakata. In the Haruma scandal, Hakuho has taken the Isegahama side. So some politics may be involved in the decision.

  5. Jeez. What exactly were you hoping would happen? Public flogging? Forced retirement? Suspended for the rest of this tournament? Would any sumo fan take pleasure in this tournament not being won by Hakuho as a result of ‘punishment’ for the way he acted?


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