November Banzuke Is Live!


Now appearing on the NSK web site, the official banzuke for the Kyushu basho, starting two weeks from today.  Some notable elements include Terunofuji as Sekiwake 2E (“Ozekiwake”), Mitakeumi holds fast at Sekiwake 1E, Kotoshogiku returns to San’yaku in the Komusubi 1E slot, Onosho has his first try at San’yaku, and Takakeisho is at Maegashira 1.

Further down the banzuke, we have Aminishiki (aka Uncle Sumo) back in Makuuchi, Asanoyama levitating to Maegashira 11, and Ura still listed at Maegashira 16, even though I would be surprised if he shows up.

The story in Juryo is pretty interesting, Egyptian Osunaarashi somehow manages to hang onto a Juryo slot and is posted to Juryo 13, followed by Takagenji and Yao. Meanwhile Ishiura is ejected from Makuuchi, and appears as Juryo 1.

Meanwhile, as predicted, the Texas sumotori Wakaichiro is confirmed as promoted to Sandanme 85, and will fight at his highest rank ever.

Again, our forecast expert scored many direct hits in his banzuke forecast, and fans should feel free to compare them side by side. Hats off to lksumo!

The crew will likely have our banzuke podcast up before long, be ready!

4 thoughts on “November Banzuke Is Live!

  1. Osunaarashi was all but saying goodbye to his kesho-mawashi. I bet he is one of the most surprised rikishi in Japan.

    Shunba is up at sandanme #9. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to carry his charge (Terunofuji) on his shoulders this basho.

    Enho is at Makushita #14. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any news about his injury. I didn’t like the sound of it when it happened (literally. He describe it as making a crunching noise).

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    • Osunaarashi has been in good spirits recently. I’m hoping that means he’s regained his health and can compete at a higher level. I also am worried about Enho’s description of his injury. That didn’t sound good at all. 😦

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    • I am so excited for Shunba!
      He is such a lovely man and I hope he is able to get back up to Makushita.
      My other favourite, Kotorikisen, is at a career high of Sd15!!! 👏👏👏

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  2. I was pleased to see that the new boy Daiamami has been given a little wiggle room by coming in at M14w. Very much looking forward to see him in makuuchi: very big, strong, consistent and injury free. He’s from an island half way to Taiwan called Amami Oshima, which I guess is where he gets his shikona from.

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