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Kisenosato and Hakuho Progressing Towards Full Health

In an article from Japanese web site hochi.co.jp, some news of the recovery of two marquee rikishi who sat out the Aki basho, and their chances at returning to public matches.

Hakuho was interviewed at the Miyagino party after the last day of the Aki tournament, he stated “My rehabilitation is going very well, I feel confident about Kyushu”. He also state that he would like to join the fall jungyo PR tour from October 5th, provided his recovery continues as planned.

Kisenosato was more upbeat, and stated that he intends to be with the fall jungyo from the start. He stated “My body feels good, and I am moving well. I think I should be able to be part of the tour from the beginning”.

Last but certainly not least, the article also mentions that Yokozuna Kakuryu will participate in the jungyo tour, starting with day 1.

After the lack of top end rikishi at Aki and over the summer tour, fans will cheer the return of the Yokozuna during the November tournament.

21 thoughts on “Yokozuna Recovery News

  1. The last line in the article is that Kakuryu is also planning to participate in the Jungyo from day 1.

    It remains to be seen how they will participate. Nail gazing? Shiko with stern look? Butsukari with sandanme? I think I’ll prepare a new kisenometer…

  2. I hope this is true, a basho with four (relatively) healthy Yokozunas would be amazing! But I’m not going to get my hopes up. Any word on our two injured Ozeki?

    • Not that I have been able to uncover yet, and I am looking. I think there will be a lot more known on October 5th when the jungyo starts, and we see who shows up, and who is participating in demonstration bouts.

    • What I managed to glean from Takayasu’s speech yesterday in the Tagonoura senshuraku party (sorry, my listening comprehension in Japanese is mada-mada) is that he is still not healed, and needs to complete his treatment and practice a lot before he can perform again. Of course he did not set any schedule but this hints that he will not be attending jungyo.

      • He is eager to resume his time with that giant water bag.

        All kidding aside, a 50 pound bag of sloshing water is an amazing workout. It’s tough to control, it moves around, and it does more than just work individual muscle groups, you have to learn to balance and control it. I was impressed when I saw that he was using it.

        • I think that there is a lot to be learned from sumo training regiments. I’ve been incorporating a bit of shiko into some of my workouts to improve my leg strength and balance. I’ve even been doing quasi-butsukari by pushing a workout sledge from one end of my gym to another. I’ve worked myself up to the equivalence of one Hakuho in weight, and it is a hell of a workout! If the personal trainers and fitness guru’s of the world can see past the rotund appearance of the average rikishi and focus on their athleticism and workout regime, they’d have the next fitness craze on their hands.

      • Nice find! I’m jealous, I’d like to speak and read Japanese even a little, but my first attempt ended… disastrously. That’s a university tuition cost I’ll sadly never get back.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but if he isn’t ready by the November tournament and sits out again, he will automatically be a Sekiwake and have to get his ten wins to earn his Ozeki rank back come January, right?

        • Yes. I think that should have been Terunofuji’s recovery strategy a year ago…but now he’s going to be demoted regardless and likely doesn’t have it in him for 10 wins. If Takayasu gets a solid 8-10 week break, hopefully he will come back close to 100%.

        • I think it’s unlikely he’ll miss a honbasho. A jungyo is one thing. But those Tagonoura guys still believe than kyujo is for wusses.

  3. I wonder what the Aki results would have been like had the other Yokozunas been in attendance and in health.


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