Aoiyama Returns Day 8?


From the day 8 Makuuchi torikumi, a bit of a surprise. It shows Harumafuji’s opponent as none other than the man-mountian Aoiyama! If Aoiyama is indeed about to enter Aki, one must wonder why. He will start with 7 losses, and nearly maki-koshi. So perhaps he wants to minimize his demotion? We hope the big fellow is genki enough to insert himself in this mad house of a basho.

7 thoughts on “Aoiyama Returns Day 8?

    • Seems like Aoiyama is walking into a band-saw. His choice. My wife thinks that it’s a “bag” deal to make sure Harumafuji can get another win in, or to make sure he can go kyujo due to some injury.

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  1. Welcome back, you haven’t been missed!

    That being said, based on his Nagoya performance and the wacky state of the tournament, maybe he thinks he can go 8-0 down the stretch and end up as a Komusubi, haha


  2. “Listen Dan, I know you have a bum knee, but is there any chance you can come back for the second week. We’re running out of guys that the fans have even heard of to throw in with Harumafuji”.

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