Aki Basho Day 1&2 Matches Published


As expected, once Hakuho decided if he was in or out, the NSK published the torikumi (match schedule) for the first two days. It features some of the battles from my guess list, and some from the comments section. As always, Tachiai will do day-before previews and day of commentary starting Saturday US.

With the Aki basho just around the corner, we find ourselves in a strange situation where 3 out of 4 Yokozuna are sitting out a tournament. I am sure one of the wise statistics gurus will report how many years it’s been since something like this has happened (or this could be the first ever).

So this basho will be all about the up-and-coming wave of rikishi coming into their own. They still have Harumafuji and a swarm of Ozeki to battle, but in general this will be their turn to shine.

6 thoughts on “Aki Basho Day 1&2 Matches Published

  1. Huh, I don’t see Aoiyama or Sadanoumi on the torikumi either. Any news about them being kyujo? Aoiyama especially seems like it would make the news!

  2. Well, the expected baptism of fire for Onosho, with Mitakeumi and then my predicted Yoshikaze. Really looking forward to those bouts and we’ll get an idea of what sort of basho the young gun is going to have.

    Endo really is going to have a field day if he’s at all healthy.

    And I’ve got this growing feeling that Goeido and the Yusho will not be far apart…


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