Kakuryu and Kisenosato Not Competing At Aki



Official word published via NHK, Yokozuna Kisenosato will not compete in the upcoming Aki basho. The master of the Tagonoura stable states that he is still struggling to recover from a torn left pectoral muscle, and a damaged left ankle.

His withdrawal is not a surprise as Kisenosato has been unable to train and unable to do any sumo at all. We can only hope that he has finally come to grips with the situation and will consider more significant medical intervention. We dearly hope the we will see him in action again one day soon, fully rested and ready for action.


Also now from NHK, Yokozuna Kakuryu will not compete at Aki. Like Kisenosato, he has been struggling to overcome injuries that have prevented him from training or practicing any sumo.

Kakuryu has previously been handed an ultimatum to perform at Yokozuna levels in the next basho he enters, or to retire.  It is in his (and sumo’s) best interest for him to seek intensive medical treatment and return strong, healthy and cunning as ever.


4 thoughts on “Kakuryu and Kisenosato Not Competing At Aki

  1. So that means that Harumafuji is the sole Yokozuna left in this basho??

    Wonder when was the last time when there was just a single Yokozuna competing!


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