Ozeki Terunofuji Preparing To Compete

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As blog reader, commenter and sumo super-sleuth Herouth posted in the Endo thread, there is a tiny dribble of news about another Tachiai favorite, Ozeki and sometimes Kaiju, Terunofuji. Fans will recall he withdrew from Nagoya on day 6, after winning only one of his first five matches. Terunofuji had undergone knee surgery just a few weeks before, and was clearly not healed enough to execute Ozeki level sumo.

Since withdrawing from Nagoya, he returned to his native Mongolia to rest and train. Apparently, it may have done him some good, as he is now back training with his stable (Isegahama) in Tokyo, working towards being ready for the Aki basho in just over one week.

The Ozeki was quoted in an article in Nikkan Sports, “I am going to train hard, use my sumo, and win the yusho”. This week Terunofuji has been sparring at home with Takarafuji and Homarefuji. About his kneed, he says, “I am getting used to it now, but it’s not yet quite ready. My strength is steadily returning”.

Ozeki Terunofuji enters the Aki basho as a kadoban Ozeki, at risk of losing his rank if he fails to secure a winning record. That being said, a healthy Terunofuji is a fearsome rikishi, and is capable of defeating even Hakuho, if his confidence is in place.

We look forward to a strong and competitive Terunofuji in the upcoming tournament.

7 thoughts on “Ozeki Terunofuji Preparing To Compete

    • There is even a special tag that I use for a Terunofuji “Angry Yorikiri” in my daily highlights. With any luck he really is healthy and ready to bring his best sumo this time. I sure hope so.

    • Ever seen Terunofuji entering the dohyo in a serene mood?

      That man always has an expression that tells the rival:

      1. I’m going to eat you.
      2. I’m going to spit your balls out.
      3. I’m going to step on the same.
      4. Now, what was your name again?

  1. ☺️☺️Thanks for the compliments (and the credit).

    I hope the man can put his ligaments where his mouth is. With 12 days left until the basho, and a 7-15 record against Takarafuji and Homarefuji, he’ll be hard pressed to get out of kadoban, especially with two highly motivated and seemingly healthy Ozeki, and Sekiwake who are not easily scared by sea monsters. Good for him that he has only one Yokozuna to deal with.

  2. I am worried that Terunofuji’s knees will fail him and we’ve seen the last of the mighty warrior. Coming back from surgery as quickly as he did was foolish and it may cost him longevity in his career.

    • Yeah, many of these guys are personally driven to compete. Then you have their stable masters and the NSK encouraging them to compete, even when they are not quite healed up. It’s silly and short-sighted but that’s the way it’s done. Tradition counts for a lot in Japan, and even more in Sumo.


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