Aki Banzuke Published


The Sumo Kyokai has released their fall ranking sheet, prior to the Aki tournament starting 2 weeks from today. This signals the start of the build up to the next great basho, to be held once more in Tokyo’s Kokugikan – the sumo palace.

Andy and I will put together a podcast shortly, and with any luck have it ready for your enjoyment later tonight US time.

For those of you waiting through the long summer break, it’s sumo time once more!

4 thoughts on “Aki Banzuke Published

    • LOL, I feel like I got killed, only 20 “bulls-eyes” (correct rank and side) and six more “hits” (correct rank, wrong side). On the bright side, all my misses in Makuuchi were by one rank (I haven’t looked at Juryo yet), so certainly you could get a good idea of the banzuke from the forecast. The only two rank-miss was my demotion of Tokushoryu to Juryo; I would have been totally okay with him at M16, but M15e is ridiculously generous.

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      • I got my butt kicked. My formula had Tochinoshin in the right place, even if sentimentally I thought he should advance further. I really missed on Aoiyama and Tamawashi. I didn’t do too poorly until I hit the middle maegashira. After Chiyoshoma, I was way off. Back to the drawing board. And Endo, wow…

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        • Well, I had Endo at M13, so not hugely surprised to see him at M14. Basically, bouts missed after going kyujo seem to count fully as losses, and going 2-13 will do that.

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