Summer Jungyo Hightlight Reel

Shamelessly stolen from a twitter post, because I could not find it on YouTube. Some highlights of the kinds of things going on during the summer jungyo, including shokkiri (aka you can’t do that in sumo), Kisenosato toting a baby to the dohyo for his dohyo-iri, and Goeido taking a practice match from Harumafuji. Oh yeah, and Onosho!

7 thoughts on “Summer Jungyo Hightlight Reel

  1. Basically, you can see everything in the jungyo… except real sumo. As if Harumafuji is going to exacerbate his injuries trying to actually win that torikumi. Oh well, 26 days to the real thing.

    • I think that’s the basis of Takayasu’s complaint – he needs someone to battle against that is really going to try and beat him about 10x a day. He had that with a healthy Kisenosato, but now he can’t find anyone to train against.

      I agree that Harumafuji should be only running at about 70% here. He’s iffy enough for Aki already.

      • I read that the former stable master of the current Tagonoura (Naruto) was a very strict person and didn’t allow his deshi to practice with rikishi from other stables (also, he believed that kyujo is for wusses). Can’t imagine how frustrated Kisenosato must have been with such rules. For Takayasu as well it’s probably like going back to the old days of restricted choices. But he’ll need to get used to being the highest ranked rikishi in his heya and in practices as well. Yokozuna and Ozeki who are not personal friends are not going to engage him just for the sake of practice. He’s too heavy and dangerous.

        Anyway, I think the real practices in the summer jungyo are not the actual torikumi. Those are just for the paying customers. They have other on-dohyo practice session which seem to be more energetic.

        • Yes, hello Takayasu – you are an Ozeki now. And you are possibly the only healthy person in the Yokozuna and Ozeki corps this month. Get that water bag out again and toss it about. That may be as best you can get until the last week of August when the work up for Aki begins.

  2. Also, just noticed that Kagayaki is still holding that little spud during the dohyo-iri. Bonus points if he would have held him out like the tachimochi does with the sword.

    • Hehehe… you’re right. Must have been hard for Kagayaki to keep his face straight. And the tyke must have felt right at home. Aoiyama may win on pendulousness, but Kagayaki wins on authenticity.


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