Yokozuna Hakuho Enjoying Time In Mongolia

Following his yusho at the Nagoya basho, Yokozuna Hakuho has retired for a brief rest in his native Mongolia. Courtesy of twitter user azechiazechi, we have this nice video of the Boss sinking a putt in rather glorious fashion.

The summer Jungyo will start shortly, and Hakuho will be the only Yokozuna in attendance, as most of the rest of the upper champion ranks are out attempting to heal up from their various injuries and maladies.

This video begs the question: Have Hakuho and Yoshikaze ever faced each other on the golf course? I understand the man form Oita is an excellent shot.

3 thoughts on “Yokozuna Hakuho Enjoying Time In Mongolia

  1. With the other three Yokozuna and most Ozeki injured, who will give Hakuho a problem? He might get 50 yusho before he retires if this will be the case. The younger guys are just too inexperienced for him.

    • All these other wrestlers have major knee, elbow, pec and shoulder injuries. What bothers Hakuho? His toe? I’m with you. He’s going to last another 5 years, and 50 is in reach.

  2. Hakuho is amazing, and probably the best sumotori we will ever see. But Sumo is (in my mind) the sport of Darwin. Only the strong survive, and when there is a gap in the food chain, someone evolves to fill it.

    Also, I am sad to say, the great Hakuho is one injury away from intai. Today he is master of the universe, but terrible things can happen on the dohyo any day of the basho. I hope and pray he stays healthy and can exit sumo on his terms.


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