Purple Rain Falls In Nagoya


Mitakeumi Upsets Yokozuna Hakuho.

On day 11, Sekiwake Mitakeumi upset the Nagoya basho yusho favorite Hakuho in the final match of the day. Hakuho had been on 25 match unbeaten streak up to that point, and Mitakeumi’s win removes the possibility of a second consecutive zensho victory for Hakuho.

With this victory, Mitakeumi secures his kachi-koshi, and will remain as Sekiwaki for the Aki basho in September. Many (including the team at Tachiai) have speculated how long it would take for Mitakeumi to start his campaign to be considered for Ozeki, and his victory of Hakuho marks a likely indicator that his run for sumo’s second highest rank starts from Nagoya.

2 thoughts on “Purple Rain Falls In Nagoya

  1. And, Hakuho was so deliberate the day before. I think that might be the problem. Overthinking/overcautious. That’s not his style.


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