Endo Withdraws From Nagoya Basho


Injury to Left Knee and Left Ankle

Late word that Endo has withdrawn from the Nagoya basho, and will sit out the rest of the tournament. Fans have wondered for the past two days if he was nursing an injury, and now it is revealed that he has a damaged ACL, but has also damaged his left ankle.

In the image above from his match with Ura, Endo’s ankle is not taped, which it was in subsequent days. This could give rise to the assumption that the injury happend during this match.

This means that the next rikishi into the meat grinder is none other than crowd favorite Ura. Some fans were keen to see Ura face some of the San’yaku, and most likely that will now be the case.

Report comes from Nikkan Sports: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1854656.html


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