Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Nagoya Basho


Right Leg Injured In Bout With Hokutofuji


It was evident that as Hokutofuji mounted a brilliant counter-attack, Kakuryu twisted his right knee during their match, and was clearly limping as he left the dohyo. It seems that his trainers have decided that it was not a problem that was going to be manageable for day 4, and he has withdrawn from the basho.

Word from the official NSK twitter feed, Kakuryu is suffering “right foot lateral ligament injury” (ankle)

This gives Komusubi Yoshikaze a default win, taking him to a 4-0 start to this tournament.

The withdraw is a huge shame, as Yokozuna Kakuryu seemed to have a good start to this tournament. It once again raises questions on his long term viability, as his legs and back seem to be too fragile to sustain a full tournament schedule.

Tachiai wishes him a speedy recovery.

7 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kakuryu Withdraws From Nagoya Basho

    • Completely agree – his approach to sumo is almost purely defensive / reaction, it’s really a very interesting counterpoint to someone like Harumafuji who is so massively weighted to offense.


  1. Izutsu’s statement. If he doesn’t win the next time he steps on the dohyo, he needs to retire as a man. Still a fan of Kak. It’s just really sad.

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