NHK World Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday


Nagoya Edition Ready To Air

One of the great improvements in NHK’s coverage this year have been as series basho preview shows. They frequently incorporate discussion among the commentators and highlight footage from the prior basho, training and events since the last basho, and material that would otherwise never make it on US TV.

The most recent edition airs Friday July 7th, and can be watched via web stream from the NHK World website:

US Times

  • 12:30 AM Eastern (Friday) / 09:30 PM Pacific (Thursday)
  • 04:30 AM Eastern (Friday) / 01:30 AM Pacific (Friday)
  • 12:30 PM Eastern (Friday) / 09:30 AM Pacific (Friday)
  • 06:30 PM Eastern (Friday) / 03:30 PM Pacific (Friday)

UK Times

  • 05:30 AM BST (Friday)
  • 09:30 AM BST (Friday)
  • 05:30 PM BST (Friday)
  • 11:30 PM BST (Friday)

5 thoughts on “NHK World Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday

  1. Many thanks for the airdates, just caught the first broadcast. Enjoyable programme as always, this time including a nice look back at Hakuho’s rise and early yokozuna days and his often more somber / more staid mood in competition back then.

    • I am really happy that NHK is putting this stuff together, it shows that they are giving the possibility of sumo as a sport with a potential world following some thought. I really liked the Hakuho retrospective as well. For me it reinforced just what an amazing career that man has had. I am hopeful he stays healthy in Nagoya and can take the all time win record.

  2. I love those previews. This one I was so excited to see all the merch at the store. I dream of saving up a whole lot of money and just buying everything! Thanks for the post. :)

  3. Yeah, I kind of did that in May. My favorite was the wooden sticks the ushers strike to announce the beginning of something important. I now use them around the house to announce things like dinner. Goes great with my wife doing “Kabuki Mode” at the strangest of times. For example, Kabuki laundry. Who knew that it could be so dramatic?

  4. The best part was Yoshikaze saying “I’m feisty!” I wish I had that clip to play over and over again.


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